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Why acoustic movable walls are often a better choice than standard partitions

When building new internal walls from scratch is just too big of a chore or an unreasonable expenditure, acoustic movable walls offer a cleaner, more practical and versatile solution – perfect for those seeking to create new spaces without closing them off entirely.

While many may simply wish to reach for simple fold-out or rolling partitions to divide one space from another, these solutions are sorely lacking in many of the areas in which acoustic movable walls offer reliability, practicality and a welcome change to a familiar setup.

At AEG Partitions, we’re home to an extensive range of movable wall solutions you can use to optimise space flexibility, meet specific requirements for your premises and create private meeting rooms or similar areas, depending on the nature of your requirements or work.

Here are a few things you should know about acoustic movable walls and why they make a fantastic choice compared to the alternatives.

What is an acoustic wall?

Acoustic movable walls (also sometimes referred to as operable walls) are movable walls – often made of sliding folding partitions or individual panels that can be connected – that offer some level of soundproofing once sealed. This makes them an ideal choice for those seeking to divide spaces while also creating a level of privacy or isolation for those within.

Common uses included separating classrooms or halls in schools and creating bespoke spaces in offices, to name but a few.

Why are acoustic movable walls a good choice?

Added privacy

The obvious reason acoustic movable walls are so appealing – users can instantly add privacy to a specific area by dividing a single room into two separate spaces, while also containing a certain degree of noise.

Our Teachwall 100 movable walls, for instance, can offer from 37 to 60 dB in sound insulation. This is perfect for restricting the travel of conversation-level sound, meaning offices, schools and more can enjoy a degree of privacy without having to move to an entirely new area, all by simply sealing the movable walls shut.

Easy to use

They may look like an impressive feat of technical construction – which they are – but that doesn’t mean movable walls are any more difficult to use than other partitions you’re used to.

By just rotating the individual acoustic panels on the wall, you’re able to either form an entire wall, or just open a single panel to create an easy access and exit point between the two spaces the wall has created. 

They’re also easy to keep in perfect condition by servicing them regularly – click here to find out more about servicing movable walls.

Fewer distractions

Standard, paper-thin partitions may be able to block your line of sight visually, but they’re very poor at preventing the travel of sound as acoustic movable walls do. 

This sound can create distractions that cause those who are meant to be knee-deep in work to lose focus and, as a result, productivity.

However, with an acoustic movable wall, employees or students can remain focused with their eyes – and ears – having fewer things in the nearby area to distract them.

Choose acoustic movable wall systems for your business or premises with AEG Partitions

If an acoustic movable wall sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, and you’re seeking a movable wall with high acoustic performance so you can reap all the benefits, speak to the team at AEG Partitions. We have years of experience helping businesses and premises just like yours make the most of their available space in new and inventive ways. As such, we’re ideally positioned to offer you the movable wall services you need with reliable, professional installation and high-quality solutions every time.

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