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4 signs you need a movable partition wall

Movable partition walls are beneficial in a variety of environments. From businesses and community centres, to schools and nurseries, they effortlessly transform any space into a flexible, ever-practical setting.

But we understand they’re an investment, so you’ll want to make sure your space will benefit from one before taking the plunge.

So, what are the signs you need a movable partition wall?


1.      Your space needs to be multi-functional

Whether it’s a sports hall, lecture theatre or community centre, your space needs to be multi-functional.

Maybe it was the perfect space once upon a time. But, unfortunately, needs change.

For example, your sports hall might work well for PE lessons, but the variety of after-school clubs might have increased. This space now needs to be multi-functional, hosting a variety of groups at once.

Likewise, a university lecture theatre that can seat hundreds of students is great for larger classes. But space is in demand. How much more beneficial would it be if this space could be split into two, maybe even three smaller spaces when required?

Even workplaces need to be multi-functional.

For instance, according to Tech Jury, 45 billion minutes’ worth of webinars are hosted in Zoom per year. This makes webinars much more accessible as you won’t need to account for travel expenses – but you will need somewhere quiet for your staff to take part without getting distracted.

Well, you’re in luck – a movable wall enables you to divide your space into smaller, usable sections when required. And when not in use, the walls can simply fold against your outer walls, to create an open space.


2.      Your group activities distract each other

Group activities can be loud, especially if young children are involved – toddler groups, or scout groups for example.

And if you already host these groups, you’ll likely be aware of just how distracting the noise can be.

So, you’ll be happy to hear that most movable walls come with a noticeable degree of sound reduction.

Depending on your choice of partition wall, the sound reduction properties reach up to 60 decibels. That’s above the level of noise expected in a normal conversation.

This sound reduction will allow multiple groups to use your sectioned off spaces at once without competing to be heard.

3.      Your space lacks privacy

Although voices can be hushed and backs can be turned to try and increase privacy, this doesn’t always work as well as we’d like.

Maybe you need somewhere private to talk to a student about a safeguarding issue, to take a private phone call or to interview a potential candidate.

Investing in a movable wall allows you to create a space that can be utilised when privacy is required.

Even vaccination centres, doctors’ surgeries and other medical environments can utilise movable partition walls in this way – especially during flu season, for example, when a lot of patients need to be seen in a short timeframe.


4.      You’re having to adapt your work to your workplace

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence within office settings.

As businesses grow and more people join your workforce, it’s only expected that your office environment needs to adapt to these changes.

You’ll likely need space for collaborative work as well as private spaces for more confidential assignments – but how do you cater to both requirements?

Yes, moving to a new office space could be the answer. But finding a new office is time consuming, the move will likely affect your productivity – not to mention how expensive it is.

Your next option could be to renovate your existing office, however this is yet another long and costly option.

That’s why movable walls could be the answer. Movable walls allow you to create a flexible work environment without the commitment of a new lease agreement or any permanent architectural changes.

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