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How movable walls improve exam conditions

With exam season upon us and tests looming, teachers are busy preparing students whilst exam managers face the responsibility of finding suitable space to sit assessments.

Whatever the test, it’s crucial to provide candidates with enough space to work comfortably. For the best chance at exam success, conditions need to carry minimal risk of disturbance or distractions – which is where AEG Partitions can help.

Movable wall systems

There are many potential distractions in the classroom or exam hall – be it the sound of moving chairs or voices – making it difficult for students to concentrate. However, movable walls provide sound insulation, meaning students can complete exams without disruptions.

Movable wall systems are extremely versatile – they can be installed almost anywhere. Here at AEG Partitions, we supply the Teachwall 100, a movable partition, that easily meets and exceeds the requirements of the Department of Education and Skills for schools, colleges and universities.

Movable walls are supplied in various acoustic ratings:

  • Teachwall 100 – up to 58 decibels
  • Teachwall 200 – up to 50 decibels
  • Teachwall 800 – up to 35 decibels

They are ideal if there is more than one exam going on at the same time, preventing distractions and providing candidates with equal opportunity to succeed.

When exams are underway, movable walls maximise available space, allowing candidates to work in comfort without being distracted by what’s going on outside the class/hall.

Sliding walls, like the Teachwall 200, are top hung so a floor track isn’t required and they are hinged – making it easier for you to operate. The Teachwall 200 is a temporary solution for dividing an area into smaller sections – perfect for exams.

Our partition walls can be designed to meet your exact requirements and style needs – making no sacrifice to the aesthetic of the room.

Why AEG Partitions?

Our team of experienced fitters can have your school exam-ready in next to no time. Making sure that acoustic movable walls are installed to meet all health and safety requirements.

Acoustic movable walls need maintaining if they are to last, but rest assured, we carry out service and maintenance on all products, making sure that your movable walls are safe to use for years to come.

So, if you’re looking for movable wall systems to improve exam conditions, give our team of experts a call for professional, friendly advice on 03333050050.

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