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How Will Movable Walls Have an Impact On Our Future?

Movable walls like those sold by AEG Partitions are becoming increasingly common in the workplace, educational sector and restaurant industries, thanks to their versatility, cost-effectiveness and adaptability.

But how will this increased popularity change the industries which are adopting movable partitions? What changes can we expect to see as their popularity continues to rise?

Changes to Office Space

Movable walls offer an entirely new set of abilities to the office. With movable walls in place, every office can rearrange itself at will to accommodate new members of staff, new equipment and new requirements – just slide the walls along their tracks to quickly and easily make the changes you need!

Sliding folding partitions from AEG Partitions can instil new life in an office. Designed to look as modern and stylish as any other part of the office, they let you reconfigure the office almost with almost limitless variety, to make the maximum use of space and make the office as effective and practical as it possibly can be.

As concertina walls and other movable partitions become more common, normal offices may soon become endlessly adaptable, with AEG Partitions making the static, fixed-form office a thing of the past.

Changes to Entertainment, Cafes and Restaurants

Many restaurants are beginning to explore the advantages of concertina walls and sliding folding partitions, with acoustic movable walls proving particularly popular in creating private spaces and quiet areas in the restaurant or café which are perfect for secluded dinners or private parties. With the ability to quickly and temporarily rearrange the premises without undertaking serious building work, a restaurant that uses movable partitions can provide the perfect environment for its guests, no matter what they may need – and when that’s done, the walls can all move away, opening up the full space again!

AEG Partitions are careful to always make sure their movable walls fit into the décor of the restaurant in which they are installed – so it’s possible that in the future, sliding folding partitions or other sorts of movable wall will completely change the dining experience, turning every restaurant table into a private booth and allowing restaurants to effortlessly reshape themselves to your needs!

Changes to Schools and Education

A concertina wall, like the Teachwall 800, provided by AEG Partitions, gives schools of all levels the ability to adapt to changing needs throughout the day, quickly closing off areas as necessary to create environments in which students can focus and apply themselves or creating partitions in the classroom or gym to allow different activities to take place, without either one disrupting the other. In a busy classroom, this can be a real time-saver!

AEG Partitions will make sure that any movable walls you have installed match the interior decoration of your school, helping you to preserve the appearance and continuity of the building even in very old establishments. Making schools more adaptable and providing the ability to reconfigure the classroom at a moment’s notice, concertina walls from AEG Partitions may soon turn the classroom, school gym or meeting room into a place where a student’s needs can always be met – even if that means moving the walls themselves!

For more information on how AEG Partitions walls can change your industry, call us on 03333050050  to speak to one of our experts today!

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