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Acoustic movable walls that help with COVID-19 in 2021

Face coverings. Hand sanitiser. Social distancing. One-way systems. Support bubbles. Contactless payments.

These are pretty much the norm these days – and it’s looking like they’re going to be around for many years to come. But, as the government is eager to get the economy back on its feet, schools and workplaces are calling for new safety measures to ensure they comply with the rules.

Are you the same?

When it comes to making your space COVID-safe, we’ll bet that adding extra washroom facilities, to encourage pupils and staff to wash their hands more frequently, or implementing one-way systems to prevent crossovers on the stairs or corridors, is at the top of your priority list. However, the value of movable walls is not to be overlooked.

Here movable partition specialists, AEG Partitions, share how you can reduce the risk of coronavirus and make your school or business a safe, yet productive, environment for everyone with their acoustic movable walls.

  • Social distancing – it isn’t easy at the best times, but for children…it’s harder still! There’s no easy way of explaining to them that they can’t sit next to their friends in the classroom or play as they used to. Movable walls effectively minimise space to accommodate smaller groups. Perfect for limiting contact by opting for smaller class sizes or splitting the office into separate teams.


  • Controlling the virus – evidence suggests that coronavirus can be spread through airborne respiratory particles. Although acoustic movable walls act as a sound barrier and create optimum working conditions, that’s not all they do. When pulled right the way across, the partition can block the flow of air from one space to the next which, in turn, reduces the spread of COVID-19. This means, if someone shows symptoms and tests positive, fewer people will need to isolate.


  • Maintaining productivity – if, like most businesses, your staff have been working from home, you might be looking to gradually (and safely) get them back into the office in 2021 – restoring a sense of normality. If this is the case, acoustic movable walls are a great choice. Structured for excellent acoustics and muffling sound, they allow for a quieter, more productive, space. The same applies to schools too.


  • Ease of use – movable partition walls don’t just move. They are sound absorbing and can be moved by anyone and are – by far – the easiest way to reconfigure a room without having the expense of construction work or knocking through walls. And when you no longer need them, you can easily push them to one side, creating one large, open-plan room. Great for conferences and other activities.


  • Cost-effective – in today’s climate, we all need to make sensible decisions to ensure that we keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. With that said, a movable partition wall offers a simple yet effective solution for protecting everyone – without breaking the bank.

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