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Benefits of buying your Movable Wall from AEG Partitions

Acoustic Moving Partition Specialists

What is a Movable Wall?

A movable wall is a series of movable panels that are used to transform various spaces into additional rooms, either for a temporary event or regular functions for which the additional room may be required. The best types have acoustic properties to enhance privacy and work very well in educational, clinical and office environments. One end of an office can easily be converted into a board room within minutes. Expanding businesses can start to departmentalise rather than moving offices by professionally dividing spaces using moving partitions.

AEG Partitions – Movable Wall Manufacturer

AEG Partitions has been manufacturing moving partitions and walls since 1994 and has amassed a wealth of experience in providing partitioning solutions across many organisations in the public and private sectors. Being manufacturers has enabled us to address the main concerns of our customers throughout the UK and to implement the necessary improvements during the product design stages.

Our Product Lines

We have three main product offerings that we provide which can be manufactured to fit into most installations:

Teachwall 100

The Teachwall 100 movable acoustic wall is sturdy and very easy to move across its specially designed tracks and the Teachwall panels effortless glide along using ball bearing technology. Sound insulation from 37 to 58 decibels is achieved making them ideal for high-level privacy provision. The whole system is designed in a bespoke manner where necessary, in which the self-supporting steel frame can be built to support installations of over 15 meters in height. Our flexibility in design has seen us provide glass movable acoustic walls to the educational environment and is further testimony to our readiness to accommodate specialist needs.

Teachwall 200 Sliding Wall

Our Teachwall 200 system is a sliding and folding wall which can be built to heights of up to 4000mm (4 meters) and has proven highly successful with teachers and Architects designing a variety of environments. It can be installed within a day and is supplied with an acoustic rating of 35-52 decibels. It can be supplied in various colours so contact us for more details.

Teachwall 800

The Teachwall 800 Concertina Wall is the most versatile and cost effective solution to your space dividing issues. It can be deployed within seconds and can be supplied with either of the following acoustic properties: 15, 24 and 35 db. It comes in a wide range of colours and provides an affordable solution to various types of organisations including nurseries and schools.

The benefits of Buying from a Manufacturer

The benefits of buying from a movable acoustic wall and partition maker rather than just a supplier include having a direct line of contact with those manufacturing your product rather than having to go through a supplier for all questions. This can considerably reduce the time taken between placing the order and installation. Any change requests can be sent directly to the producer and attended to immediately rather than having to deal with the tiresome support framework of a third party.

Why Choose AEG Partitions?

We take pride in designing and building bespoke systems on a case be case basis, where every detail that is important to you is incorporated into your finished product. Our installations are usually completed within a day and we can arrange installations on any day of the week including Sundays. All our products and installations are supplied with a one year warranty, and all our partitions are guaranteed high-quality UK manufactured products.

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