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Choosing the right movable partition wall

Movable walls are great for preventing the transfer of unwanted sounds, but did you know just how easily they can be adapted to match your requirements?

Here at AEG Partitions, we supply a wide range of movable wall systems which allow you to make the most of available space. Our systems are designed to be flexible and allow you to effortlessly divide rooms into separate areas saving you both time and money.

Before choosing movable walls, you need to think about:


Where will the movable partition wall go? We supply partitions for a wide range of environments, so you needn’t worry about finding what you need. All our partitions are designed to effectively divide space and are perfect for:

  • Conferences

Movable walls are great for conference and exhibition centres. They enable different events to run at the same time and can either expand or reduce available space to create the ideal environment for meetings, discussions or courses.

  • Hospitals

Privacy and confidentiality are paramount in high traffic environments such as hospitals, and movable walls allow staff members to quickly partition space to maintain the dignity of patients. Our partitions are easy to keep clean – making them a hygienic choice.

  • Hotels

Hotel function rooms are often used for wedding receptions, corporate events or parties – which can be noisy. A partition wall allows hotels to play host to such events, whilst still operating normally and not disturbing other guests.

  • Offices

If space is at a premium in your office, a movable partition wall will allow you to easily reconfigure areas as and when you need to. It will also allow meetings to be held simultaneously, keeping noise to a minimum and providing privacy.

  • Schools

Educational establishments, like schools, often use movable wall systems to split the classroom up into different groups. Our concertina walls tend to be the favourite here, as they are arguably the easiest to use and extremely cost-effective.

Acoustic rating

When dividing space for multiple users, the acoustic rating is an important factor to take into consideration. The acoustic movable walls we supply are designed to improve the functionality of a room and to minimise the transfer of unwanted sounds.

The highest level of sound insulation our acoustic movable walls provide is 58 decibels. The Teachwall 100 offers the highest level of soundproofing and is best suited to bustling environments where the sound of telephones and other electrical equipment can cause a disturbance. Operating on floor tracks, the Teachwall 100 is designed to operate smoothly and provides extra stability.

If a movable wall that operates along ball-bearing trollies and tracks isn’t feasible for you, the Teachwall 200 offers a great alternative. It still provides a relatively high degree of soundproofing (50 decibels) but is top-hung instead – which makes it even easier to open areas up and to separate rooms for meetings.

For instances where acoustics aren’t an issue, we also supply the Teachwall 800, which is a cheaper, more flexible alternative to the other acoustic movable walls. The Teachwall 800 offers sound insulation up to 35 decibels, meaning conversations are semi-audible.

Get in touch

If you’re unsure which acoustic movable wall to choose, let AEG help you. The team is always on hand to guide and advise you, making sure you choose the most suitable products for your needs. Call us on 03333050050 or email us at sales@aegpartitions.com to find out more today.

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