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Folding Walls That Are Forever Versatile

At AEG Partitions, we have an enviable range of movable folding walls and partitions. The quality of our products allows you to achieve outstanding flexibility and versatility. As we are a leading designer and manufacturer, we can create more usable room in your existing space, with our folding wall designs. The choice of finishes and colours is truly staggering, from vinyl to wood veneer styles and many more options.


What is the quickest and most efficient way to transform the space within your building? Folding walls that are forever versatile. This system is suitable for almost any property, be it offices, schools, conferences, hotels, hospitals, churches and so on. An attractive aspect of foldable walls is that a new configuration can be achieved very quickly. This includes opening up spaces, as well as sectioning off areas into smaller, usable rooms. There isn’t a better way to attain maximum flexibility and adaptability. Rather than detract from your working area, folding walls actually enhance it. Our beautiful finishes are eye-catching and make an environment more pleasant to work in.

Folding Walls for Every Budget

Because of the expert workmanship and high quality production and installation of our products, you may assume that it is expensive to purchase. All of our folding walls and partitions are competitively priced. As we design, manufacture and install all of our items, we believe that our prices are unbeatable. Add to this, we have a good range of movable walls and folding wall partitions, including a concertina wall.

Concertina Wall

Our Teachwall 800 Folding Concertina Wall is extremely popular and versatile. The speed of operation is impressive – you can change any space in a matter of seconds. This range represents the most affordable way to transform the usability of a room. What colour would you choose for your work environment? We offer a fantastic range of finishes to suit your requirements. Although the Concertina Folding Wall is constructed of fabric, it offers impressive acoustic ratings. This range includes 15,24 and 35 decibels.

Teachwall 200

The Teachwall 200 Sliding Wall is constructed of solid material. This folding wall partition is stunning in appearance. It offers a higher acoustic rating of 35 to 52 decibels. It is manufactured in an excellent range of finishes, to match your needs. The sense of permanence that this range suggests is truly convincing. We have a good work ethic, so we aim to manufacture your order and install it in the minimum amount of time. Depending of the size of the order, we can usually install it on one day!

Teachwall 100

The Teachwall 100 Movable Acoustic Wall is of the highest quality. This folding wall has the highest acoustic rating, which ranges from 37 to 58 decibels – a fantastic sound insulation. Its design and composition is extremely durable and looks stunningly professional. Again, this range can be produced in a wide variety of finishes, dependent on your personal preferences.

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